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DBLParse is a set of high-efficiency document query and analysis system based on DBLP big data, using Web and Qt. The system can query the qualified paper information according to the author’s name, the title of the paper, or the keywords in the paper, and can also query the authors who have a cooperative relationship with the author by the author’s name, and vividly show the cooperative author relationship through images. Based on this information, the system also provides users with powerful analysis and statistics functions. It can count the top 100 authors of articles from a large amount of DBLP data, analyze the hot vocabulary in the article titles published each year and generate a word cloud , Count the number of complete subgraphs of each order in the author’s cooperative relationship graph in the entire data set, which provides convenience for users to analyze the paper data thoroughly. In general, this system can help scientific researchers quickly obtain and analyze existing literature, improve the management efficiency of scientific literature, and understand the direction of foreign academic research.



Supported version: Windows 7 x64, Windows 10 x64


Supported version: Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04


Warning: MacOS package has been released but not been tested.

Data configuration instructions:

The software needs additional DBLP data files to run. You can click the Tools menu in the menu bar and select the Download Data menu item. If you select Yes in the pop-up dialog box, the browser will automatically open to download the data file. If the download link is unavailable or the download is too slow, you can switch to other download links. After the download is complete, the file dblp.xml.gz is obtained. Decompress the file to obtain the data file dblp.xml. Drag it and drop in main windows of system, the process of parse will automatically begin.

The main function

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DBLParse is licensed under the GPL 3.0 license.